Sports & Recreation
ARTEMIS, The Tennis Courts
Sky Executive Resort four international standards tennis courts have clay grounds and covered spectator seats.Competition was one of ARTEMIS characteristics and tennis symbolizes competition between individuals or teams. That is why we have hosted the Women International Open Tournament and we will continue to host more international championships and tournaments with the participation of international players and game experts.
ARTEMIS, The Squash Courts
Playing squash at Sky Executive Resort is a delightful experience. Two of our six international standards courts are equipped with spectators’ auditoriums and our media coverage rooms are always ready to televise international tournaments. This is the perfect atmosphere for an immaculate training and professional challenges. Sky Executive Resort has just hosted the third International Squash Tournament with top 24 players in the world.
Football Court & Track
Football Court: The football court is available for the use of Sky Executive Resort members through easily coordinated reservation. Track: Our five-a-side outdoor football court was made of best ground material and is surrounded by a 225-meter running track with soft rubber surface, greenery and beautiful landscapes. This allows Sky Executive Resort members to live a healthy lifestyle and at the same time enjoy the freshness of nature…...
As we were designing our gym, we remembered the phrase“Mens sana in corpore sano,” or “a healthy mind is in a healthy body” and in this, we believe. Health and fitness are main aspects of beauty and to maintain that, Sky Executive Resort equipped its world-class gym, HERMES, with the most convenient exercise and fitness equipment and even luxurious wooden locker rooms. Whether our members are interested in intense exerci...
Swimming Pool
Ancient Greeks thought of Oceanus as a never-ending river encircling the world and Sky Executive Resort’s swimming pool, Oceanus, revives the myth. With its one- acre surface gigantic size, Oceanus does not only embrace the resort, but also provides serenity to all swimmers by giving each of them their own space. Oceanus is surrounded by greenery, lounges, seating areas and the Italian restaurant. Our covered snack bar and beverage bars a...
Billiard Halls & Bridge Lounges
For the fine pleasure of Sky Executive Resort members, we made sure that playing billiard or bridge will be a memorable experience with two pool tables, two snooker tables, one French billiard table and six private bridge tables with all utilities. These facilities enable our members to enjoy their favorite billiard game in the unique Apollo style.
Tv lounge
Our T.V Lounge is an executive room fully equipped with the latest technology from LCD screens for your enjoyment while watching your favorite shows and football matches. During which you will be relaxing on comfy sofas and lazy boys.